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A Deep Attention-Multiple Instance Learning Framework to Predict Survival of Soft-Tissue Sarcoma from Whole Slide Images
Van-Linh Le, Audrey Michot, Amandine Crombé, Carine Ngo, Charles Honoré, Jean-Michel Coindre, Olivier Saut, Francois Le-Loarer MICCAI Workshop on Cancer Prevention through Early Detection

RRc-UNet 3D for lung tumor segmentation from CT scans of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer patients
VL Le, O Saut Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision

Coordinate-Unet 3D for segmentation of lung parenchyma
Van Linh Le, Olivier Saut (WSCG - 2023)

IHR-NomDB: The Old Degraded Vietnamese Handwritten Script Archive Database
Manh Tu Vu, Van Linh Le, Marie Beurton-Aimar . International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition - ICDAR 2021.

Image based species identification of Globodera quarantine nematodes using computer vision and deep learning
Romain Thevenoux, Van-Linh Le, Heloïse Villesseche, Alain Buisson, Marie Beurton-Aimar, Eric Grenier, Laurent Folcher, Nicolas Parisey . Computers and Electronics in Agriculture Journal, 2021.

Automated landmarking for insects morphometric analysis using deep neural networks
Le, V. L., Beurton-Aimar, M., Zemmari, A., Marie, A., & Parisey, N., . Ecological Informatics Journal, volume 60, 2020.

Automated morphometrics using deep neural networks: a case study on a beneficial insect species
Van Linh LE, Marie BEURTON-AIMAR, Akka ZEMMARI, Nicolas PARISEY (10th Symposium National de Morphometrie et Evolution des Formes (SMEF), Bordeaux - 2018)

Towards landmarks prediction with Deep Networks
Van Linh LE, Marie BEURTON-AIMAR, Akka ZEMMARI, Nicolas PARISEY (ICPRS - 2018)

Heritage Image Classification by Convolution Neural Networks
Manh Tu VU, Marie BEURTON-AIMAR, Van Linh LE (MAPR - 2018)

Landmarks detection by applying Deep networks
Van Linh LE, Marie BEURTON-AIMAR, Akka ZEMMARI, Nicolas PARISEY (MAPR - 2018)

MAELab: a framework to automatize landmark estimation
Van Linh LE, Marie BEURTON-AIMAR, Adrien KRAHENBUHL, Nicolas PARISEY (WSCG - 2017)

Estimating landmarks on 2D images of beetle mandibles
LE Van Linh, BEURTON-AIMAR Marie, SALMON Jean-Pierre, ALEXIA Marie, PARISEY Nicolas (WSCG - 2015)